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Hi! My name is Cole, the founder and owner of Happy Tots Play Co. This business came to life shortly after my husband, Arthur, and I had our daughter, Lesalynn. I was a stay at home mom, itching for friendship and things for me and my little one to do. I quickly realized there were NO indoor play spaces for my little one to enjoy without getting trampled over. I created a business plan to build an indoor play cafe, designed with little ones in mind. Unfortunately, start up costs and high lease rates shifted my vision to focus on mobile parties and events. After all, there still was not much to do for a one year old's birthday party that the birthday child could actually participate in themselves. Thus, Happy Tots Play Co. was born. My mission is to help moms stress less and actually enjoy their little one's big day, while their child plays in a safe environment with their friends.


Happy Tots has grown into a full kids party planning and decorating business while still providing our play rental items that we are known and loved for. Our play rentals (soft play, ball pits, inflatables are perfect for kids 5 and under, while our planning and decorating packages are ideal for kids of any age!

One of my favorite parts of being a small business owner is employing other people and helping them make some extra income. I have a heart for supporting girls and women. As a head girls high school soccer coach, I have the opportunity to employ my student athletes and former student athletes to help with events. It's a job that allows them to stay in school (college) and stay in sports without having to sacrifice making extra money to support themselves with their non-traditional schedule.


I also hire local moms, even though, as a mom  you probably know it's hard to work a job AND figure out how to pay for childcare to go to said job. My vision is to offer childcare WHILE my mom-employees are off doing events. It would be a win-win for everyone. Each booking helps get us there! Another one of my favorite hires has been a local dad who was diagnosed with cancer. He wants to make extra income to contribute to his family financially, even though he's on disability and can't work a full time job. So, I hire him to do all my wood work. When you hire Happy Tots Play Co., you are supporting our community in so many ways! We may just be a small business, but it sure does mean a lot to us.

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